Day Olds

As an agent for Piggott’s Poultry Breeders Ltd, we can supply quality day old birds throughout the year, covering the North of England and Scotland.

Please note that Laying birds come sexed as females but there is a 5% disclaimer.

We can supply the following:

Day Old Pullets from Craigievern Poultry

Day old Hybrid Pullets
We have a good choice of coloured birds available.
Please have a look at our download for the full list.

Day Old ducklings from Craigievern Poultry

Day old Laying Ducklings
We can supply female Khaki Campbells and Aylesbury X Pekin’s. Both good laying ducks.

Day Old goslings from Craigievern Poultry

Day old Goslings
Goslings are only available March till early summer
and males can be ordered.



Day old meat chicks
These come as hatched or you can specify if you would like males. Download More Information

Day old meat ducks (as hatched or male)
We can supply the following ducks:
Pekin – 4kg at 8 weeks
Barbary Male – 5 kg at 12 weeks
Barbary Female – 2.5 kg at 8 weeks
Mulards (Barbary X Pekin) – 4 – 4.5 kg at 9 weeks
*all weights are live weights

Please contact us for more information and prices