Craigievern Poultry

Our farm is situated near Drymen, Loch Lomond in Central Scotland, approximately 20 miles from Glasgow and Stirling and we have poultry available all year round.

We are mainly a beef and sheep farm but have always had poultry which has grown over the past few years.

Rhode rocks
Rhode Rocks
At Craigievern we hatch various breeds of poultry like Coucou Marans, White Marans, Wellsummers, White Silkies, Large Light Sussex and Black Minorca’s, Khaki Cambell Ducks and White Indian Runner Ducks(pictured at the top of the page). We also sell hatching eggs from our breeding stock if you wish to hatch them yourself.

We buy day old chicks which we can supply to you at day old up to point of lay. We mainly have Rhode Rocks (same as Black Rock), Sussex, Coucou Marans, Magpie and White Leghorns.


If you would like a large number of day old chickens or ducks we can order these for you.

White silkies
White Silkies

What we have for sale:

  • Day old Chicks/Ducks
  • POL Pullets/Ducks
  • Hatching Eggs

Please contact us using the contact details on the right for our current prices and any other information you might require about our poultry.



Telephone: 01360 660259
Mobile: 07951 721544


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